#1 Graphic Creation

This step consists of setting up your model on real-sized computer models in order to launch the printing. Each yoke is arranged in an optimized manner with respect to the elasticity of the fabric.






















#2 Print on paper


Once the patterns are computerized, printing is started on an inkjet printer. The sublimation ink is deposited on a specific paper resistant to high temperatures.




















#3 Sublimation


The printed paper ink is transferred to the fabric by a cylinder heated to 200 ° C. This is sublimation (the ink passes from the solid state to the gaseous state). This process allows an extreme resistance of the color on the fabric (washing with high temperature, bad weather, soiling).























#4 Cutting


The printed fabric is cut into mattresses through successive layers of fabric using an electric chisel.


















#5 Editing


Once the inserts are cut, they are sent to the assembly workshop where our seamstresses assemble each piece until the total making of your jersey, its folding and putting under plastic.

The order will finally be shipped.

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