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    All clothes Véloce are manufactured entirely in Italy, and proudly carry the legal label on their product tag : Made In Italie. All legitimacy resides on in the label "Made In".


France and Italy for a few reasons

     First and foremost, our ethic is to maintain our jobs in France and Italy, in order to survive to all importations from far away lands. No need to re-explain the business-plan of these countries.

    Then, Italy is the center of the world in term of conception and manufacturing of high-end sport clothing, and customization. -about the textile industry, globally speaking-. Not to mention their lively passion, endured and validated experiences in the cyclism sector.
The manufacturing site that we are partnering with is local in Italy since 1999, more specifically in the Veneto, in northern Italy (where all the best industries are: fashion, interior furniture, cars, etc).

This geographic and cultural proximity is crucial for Véloce, for the elaboration and the quality control of our small volumes...and better communication, obviously. 

Garantie sécurité et visibilité


      All clothes from Véloce are provided with security reflective stripes, Securit Reflect®. 

All our products are equipped with Securit Reflect® reflective stripes, expect the arm warmers.

EU delivery offered for any purchase above 180€. Code: GRATIS180E

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